Whether you are using a public or custom module, MonkeyLearn is only going to show benefits when you bring it into your day to day process. We offer a number of ways for that to happen, both manually and automatically, but here we will focus on the manual.

Manual Processing with Custom Modules

When using a custom module, under the "Classify" tab you have the option to classify either a piece of text (by just pasting it in there) or an entire CSV or Excel file as shown in the image below. During processing, a new column will be added to each row with the prediction for the sample. After processing, you can then download the new file.

Manual Processing with Public Modules

When using a public module, you can also access manual processing options for both pieces of text and files as well by clicking on the options under "Test with your own content". The behavior of the process will be the same as previously mentioned in the custom module section.

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