MonkeyLearn makes it easy to process your data within Google Sheets. Here is the link to the plugin that you need to install. Below is what you will see once installed.

You can call for any public modules for classification (sentiment, language, emotion, topic, etc.) and it works with your custom modules as well. Certain extraction modules are also available.

Instructions for the MonkeyLearn Google Sheets Add-on:

1) Install the extension from the Add-On page. Google will ask you for the required permissions to be able to run the add-on with your Google account.

2) Set your token ID under the "Add-ons > MonkeyLearn > Set Token". You will need to copy your token from your the "API Keys" setting from under your MonkeyLearn account properties.

3) Go back to the "Add-ons" menu and click "Start". That will open up a new window on the right of your sheet. Set the ID of the MonkeyLearn module you want to use; either a classifier or an extractor. You can get the ID from the URL of the module, it will start with a "cl_" or a "ex_". For example, the ID of the Retail Classifier is "cl_oFKL5wft".

4) Select the range you wish to analyze, and the column you would like to output results to. Whenever you want to process text, you will need to click "Classify" in order to start the processing, the results will appear in the column indicated.

For a full guide on how to use the add-on for Google Sheets, please see our blog post "Introducing Google Sheets add-on for MonkeyLearn".

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