You can use the Classifier Algorithm setting to change the algorithm powering the classifer. Currently you have two options:

  • Multinomial Naive Bayes or MNB, is a very simple and fast algorithm that has very good performance in most cases. Read more in wikipedia.
  • Support Vector Machines or SVM, is a more complex algorithm, slightly slower than Naive Bayes but delivers a higher accuracy in general. Read more in wikipedia.

An intersting advantage in using Multinomial Naive Bayes is that you can get more insights on how the model is working than using SVM. After training a module with MNB, if you click on a particular sample in the Sandbox/Sample tab, you’ll see a detail of the sample with the corresponding prediction and the positive and negative influenece that particular features had in this prediction (see image below).

If you do make a change to the algorithm parameter, you will need to retrain your module.

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