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Batch Processing of Text Analysis
Batch Processing of Text Analysis

How to upload files to batch process with MonkeyLearn

Written by Raul Garreta
Updated over a week ago

Whether you are using a public or custom model, MonkeyLearn is only going to show benefits when you apply text analysis in your day to day processes. We offer a number of ways for that to happen, both manually and automatically, but here we will focus on the manual: uploading files for a batch analysis.

Batch Processing

For any model, either public or custom, you can upload text data for analysis in the "Batch" option of the model itself.

πŸ‘‰ To upload a file, it must either be a CSV or an Excel document with only one column containing the texts to analyze. Once uploaded, the texts will be processed with the predictions added in a new column. Then the file will be presented for download.

You can also go to the "Demo" option to paste in an individual piece of text and see the results as shown below.

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