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Getting your Model ID
Getting your Model ID

Finding your ID for classifiers and extractors

Written by Francisco Decuzzi
Updated over a week ago

If you are using MonkeyLearn via an integration (API, Zapier, Google Sheets, etc.), the other platform will ask for the model ID to be able to identify which model you want to work with. 

Using the URL of the model

One way to find the model ID is by going to the URL for your model and copying the last part of that link (it starts with cl_ or ex_). For example, in the following URL: The model ID would be cl_pi3C7JiL.

The ID for Classifiers will start with a cl_ and the ID for extractors will start with a ex_ .

Within the Model Dashboard

The other way you can get the ID is from two places on the dashboard for that model: from either the "API" or "Integrate" options on the left. 


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