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Keyboard Shortcuts for MonkeyLearn
Keyboard Shortcuts for MonkeyLearn

How to tag texts and navigate around your model using keyboard shortcuts

Written by Francisco Decuzzi
Updated over a week ago

The following are the keyboard shortcuts you can use under the Build tab of both classifiers and extractors:

When Tagging Data 

These shortcuts apply to the initial custom model wizard when first creating a model, as well as to custom models under the "Train", as shown above.

  • Numbers (1-9): select tag

  • Down and Up: Navigate tags

  • Space: select tag

  • Enter: Confirm tagging

  • Left: Go to previous text

  • Right or escape: Skip to next text

  • Del: Delete this text

  • F: Search (or Filter)

For extractors, you can tag entire phrases or strings of text by holding the shift button and clicking on multiple words.

Build Tab Navigation

You can navigate to other sections under the Build tab with these shortcuts.

  • T: Go to Train

  • D: Go to Data

  • S: Go to Stats

In the Data Section

You can use the following shortcuts to navigate through and to select various texts in the Data Section of the Build tab (shown above).

  • Arrows: Navigate through texts

  • Space: Select text data

  • G: Tag selected texts

  • Del: Delete selected texts

  • M: Mark selected texts

  • F: Search (or Filter)

In the Stats Section

The following shortcuts may be used in the Stats section of the Build Tab (shown above).

  • Numbers (1-9): select tag

  • O or Zero: Select Overall

  • Down and Up: Navigate tags

  • Space: select tag

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