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What data does MonkeyLearn collect and why
What data does MonkeyLearn collect and why
Written by Raul Garreta
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Under GDPR, MonkeyLearn qualifies as both a data processor and a data controller. We qualify as a controller with respect to our visitors and customers who interact with any domain on our platform. We are also a processor with respect to the end users whose data MonkeyLearn receives via our customers.

Here is the data we collect or process, the legal basis for it, and the reasons for doing do as it pertains to MonkeyLearn’s core service.

Data Collection

With respect to our visitors and customers who interact with any domain on our platform, MonkeyLearn automatically tracks certain personal data (such as an email address) to enable us to uniquely identify customers and help them access their account and information. We also collect other personal data (such as a first and last name) to help deliver a better service. The basis for collecting such data is user consent.

As part of our effort to provide a better service we also collect the following information. The legal basis for this is covered by our privacy policy.

  • Cookie Information

  • Data about a user’s location

  • Data about a user’s web session activity.

  • Data about a user’s technical device.

  • Data about a user’s activity with regard to our emails

  • Data about a user’s social media profile

  • Data about a user’s professional role and company

  • Data about a user’s session and activity on our platform

This data helps our team diagnose service or technical problems, and better anticipate how a user might want to use MonkeyLearn so we can follow up accordingly.

Data collected by MonkeyLearn is securely stored, unless a data subject requests differently, to best serve visitors and customers over the life of their relationship with the service.

MonkeyLearn offers customers their individual rights to request, amend or delete their data under GDPR. For such requests, please see How to exercise GDPR rights with MonkeyLearn.

Data Processing

With respect to the end user data from customers that we receive, MonkeyLearn processes only the data (text data) that customers send to our platform (data minimization). MonkeyLearn does not collect any personal data on the end users of our clients. 

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